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Premium customer services / Aviation technology detailing

We offer also premium services for standard helicopter maintenance services to our customers in the form of complete exterior and helicopter interior care:

Manual helicopter washing: removal of coarse impurities, insects, lubricant, washing with Aerowash shampoo, drying.

Paint renovation: reviving the tarnished paint, removing scratches of varnished parts using Italian Rupes technology.

Paint protection: protection of painted parts including windows by the Aviation Sealant Rejex. We offer ceramic protection application for the demanding. This method of protection creates a hydrophobic layer that protects the paint of the aircraft and greatly simplifies maintenance, removal of impurities and insects. It also protects against mechanical damage.

Plastic windows renovation: Using Italian technology we are able to remove up to 90% of scratches from your plastic windows without breaking the strength of the material.

Front windows protection with PFF foil:

Paint Protection film is a thin transparent foil designed directly on clear surfaces. This foil protects against mechanical damage to the soft plastic window of helicopter and the same time has a self-repairing property.

Interior: cleaning of plastic, textile, leather interior parts, impregnation of leather parts, repair of leather. Dezinfection with an Ozone generator. Hand washing and interior services can be performed directly at the customer´s place by appointment ! 

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